Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus Delivered the Most Perfect Tribute to Tom Petty with Cover of “Wildflowers”


Earlier this week, at the age of 66, rock legend Tom Petty passed away.

As a part of her weeklong residency on “The Tonight Show,” Miley Cyrus was joined by her dad Billy Ray Cyrus where they absolutely brought down the house with a country-infused cover of Petty’s “Wildflowers.”

At the 1:40 mark, Miley asks, “are you ready, Dad?” before unleashing a run of notes that would make any dad or Tom Petty fan proud.

Cyrus, told Howard Stern why she chose this particular song, “It’s just really hard for me, watching those people that I grew up with leaving. The reason why I chose this song is because it’s hopeful. It’s hopeful rather than mourning.”