Miley Cyrus Gives Sneak Peek at All-Female Team As She Prepares For The Battle Rounds On “The Voice”

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The blind audition part of the “The Voice” has come to an end and Miley is giving a behind-the-scenes look as she prepares for the battle rounds with her first-ever all female team.

The 24-year-old pop star invited her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, to be a mentor to her team. That’s when she got some loving words from her proud papa.

“I’m so glad you asked me to be a part of this because I got to see you in your element,” Billy Ray said to his daughter. “You’ve always had the most dead on instincts. You were born to be a coach.”

His daughter replied in typical Miley fashion. “I got it from you,” she said. “I don’t listen to many people, but even though if it doesn’t already seem like it, I listen to you. I throw 95 percent of it in the trash and I keep 5 percent and take it to heart.” Five percent is better than no percent, right?

Miley’s team of ladies also have nothing but kind words to say about their coach—even going so far as predicting that the Tennessee native will best Blake Shelton and win this season.

“Miley, she puts in so much work and she loves us so much. This is the season she’s going to win,” said Team Miley member Karli Webster.

You can catch “The Voice” Monday and Tuesday night’s on NBC.