Miranda Lambert Melts Every Heart in America With 8-Year-Old Duet Partner


Yes, yes, we know. Miranda Lambert is one badass. In her songs and her swagger, there’s a Texas-sized attitude that we love in this talented boss babe that implies that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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Until there’s a puppy. Or a sweet little girl like Remi who came to Miranda’s show in Wichita.

Grab your tissues now.

In a new YouTube video on Miranda’s page, we see the superstar asking for her stage crew to help Remi join her on stage. Once there, she kneels to speak with the little girl who is in tears. “Why are you crying, sweetheart, what’s the matter,” the singer asks. “Do you like the music?” Remi nods vigorously and Miranda asks if she wants to stay on stage and sing “All Kinds of Kinds” with her.

The little one throws an arm around Miranda who begins singing the song about diversity and inclusion. Miranda brushes a tear from Remi’s cheek as she finishes the first verse, but as she starts the second verse, her voice breaks.

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Motioning for the band to continue and for the audience to sing, Miranda tries to jump in, but hasn’t quite composed herself until they reach the chorus. She then kneels again to let Remi sing and her eyes are still glistening with tears. So are Remi’s, as she belts out a pretty confident “All Kinds of Kinds.”

It turns out, Remi knows a little something about being different. Her mother, Chelsea, shared a post on Twitter that gave a bit more of her daughter’s backstory. “Thank you all for boosting Remi’s confidence tonight,” she writes. “She was born with nerve damage on the side of her face which makes her have a crooked smile. Thank you for showing her it’s beautiful to be different.”

Safe to say that it’s a night neither Remi nor Miranda will forget.