Miranda Lambert’s New Music Video for “Bluebird” is a Message We All Need


When Miranda Lambert released her Wildcard album in November 2019, one of the early fan favorites and a frontrunner for a single was the pensive ballad, “Bluebird,” she co-wrote with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. At the most appropriate time in America, Ran has brought the song about making the best of a bad situation to life in a new music video.

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Playing off of the music’s melancholy arrangement, the video is set in a dark, hazy mostly empty lounge from another era, a group of patrons sit stoically sipping their drinks while Miranda sings from inside in an oversized gold cage. Dressed in an elaborate and luxe dancehall dress, embellished with rhinestones and marabou, a Mona Lisa smile crosses her lips, as if she knows the secret to peace and happiness and if you listen closely to the lyrics, you realize she does.

As the song progresses, it seems as if some of the clientele becomes more engaged with Miranda’s performance, their blank stares becoming interested, soft smiles appear and bodies shift in their seats as if to draw the message in.

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When Miranda announced that she was releasing the video for “Bluebird,” she shared a clip on her socials and wrote, “The Bluebird music video is out now. Life is going to give you lemons, but going through things and overcoming problems makes us appreciate the good times.” The message was simple, but in these times that can feel dark and heavy, we can all use some positivity.

And now we know why one caged bird sings.