Miranda Lambert Adds Two New Fury Friends to Her Family

Miranda Lambert does adoption of new bunnies frida and Selena
Photo courtesy Miranda Lambert Instagram

We’ve never asked Miranda Lambert which she loves more—country music or animals—mostly because we would never want to put her in that conundrum. We might be able to guess that it’s a pretty even split, though. Especially considering that in the same week that she announced she will be releasing a new album she also added two fur babies to her personal petting zoo.

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We saw it coming though.

On June 20, Miranda shared an Instagram video with a gentleman named Brandon from Nashville’s Metro Animal Care and Control rescue shelter. Brandon said that their facility has about 7,000 animals come through every year and that included 130 bunnies. “A hundred and thirty bunnies,” Miranda emphasized. “And there’s babies.”

At that point, it seemed the deal was sealed.

Duh, of course, it was.

In Miranda’s next Instagram post, just a few hours later, she shares two photos and in each one, she’s cradling…bunnies. One is a gorgeous sable bun-bun, and the other is an adorable long- haired white rabbit with precious black spots. ACK!

The country star has already named her new babies. She writes, “Somebunny has two new best furever friends! Frida and Selena! Thank you @nashanimalcare for rescuing all these bunnies. Glad I could take two off of your hands! There are so many more y’all. Go visit MACC!”

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And Miranda looks happy and amazing. In a simple white tee, a red plaid flannel shirt tied around her waist with her hair in a high pony and wrapped in a red bandana, she’s the picture of an all-American country girl, which is one of the reasons we love her so much.