Miranda Lambert Releases “Tequila Does” From ‘Wildcard’ Album [Listen]

Miranda Lambert releases new song Tequila Does from Wildcard album
Photo by Ellen von Unwerth/True Public Relations

We’re still a few weeks away from the November 1 release of Miranda Lambert’s eighth studio album, Wildcard, but Miranda is so eager for listeners to have new music that she just released another song from the project.

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“Tequila Does” is the sixth song the country music superstar is gifting her fans and the tune is more than just a homage to the liberating power of the agave-based libation. It also feels like a nod to the re-emerging popularity of 90s country.

Alternating from dreamy, waltz-y verses to toe- tapping shuffle-y choruses, “Tequila Does” begs for dancers to hit the hardwoods, In fact, if someone doesn’t choreograph a routine that would fill the floor at Billy Bob’s Texas, we’re calling it a missed opportunity.

“This song is country. And country music makes me happy,” Miranda wrote in a post with the release of the song.

Dripping with acoustic and steel guitar, the production on “Tequila Does” keeps Miranda’s vocal style forward, which seems fitting since her voice is an instrument itself. The superstar’s voice rises and falls with the verses and chorus as she goes from vulnerable and sweet to bold and cheeky.

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I’d sure like to find a cowboy tonight / To get me back in the saddle, / But boys around here drink domestic beer. / They’re all hat and no cattle / But I won’t sleep around / ‘Cause my old pal, Patron, / Is taking me home tonight.

So far, Miranda has released one official single to country radio — “It All Comes Out in the Wash” — from Wildcard. She has also given fans previews of “Locomotive,” “Mess With My Head,” “Way Too Pretty for Prison” and “Pretty Bitchin’.” There is still plenty of music to be heard from Wildcard though. The project has 14 tracks total.