Miranda Lambert Sneaks Another Shirtless Video of Her Hunky Husband

Miranda Lambert shares video of husband Brendan McLoughlin shirtless
Photo of Miranda and Brendan by Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

Early on in their marriage, Miranda Lambert started teasing her social media followers with videos of her hot husband, Brendan McLoughlin, without a shirt. At first, Brendan seemed a tiny bit miffed to be caught off guard by his fun-loving new bride, but in her most recent surprise video shoot, it appears that he is getting used to it.

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Shot at the couple’s home, fans aren’t sure what the country star is filming when the video begins, however, as she turns the corner into the kitchen, we see shirtless and ab-endowed Brendan holding a casserole dish as he sings along to Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

As soon as he spots Miranda, he breaks into a broad smile and laughter as she giggles behind the camera. While the caption of the post serves as a reminder that Wildcard Tour with Cody Johnson and LANCO kicks off January 16, she also uses it to make a hilarious dig at Brendan’s physique. “P.S. who looks like this after holidays in Texas,” she writes. “We ate a $hit ton of Tex Mex. WTH?”

Our first glimpse of Brendan sans shirt came in July when Ran was revving up promotion for her single, “It All Comes Out in the Wash.” Realizing he was being filmed, Brendan deadpanned, “Come on. Really?”

The second topless shot came in August as Brendan attempted to do some yard work, only to be ambushed by his bride.

In October, Miranda caught her husband by surprise again, and at this point, he must have realized that resisting was futile.

Miranda and Brendan will celebrate their first year of marriage on January 26th. Here’s to many more country hits and shirtless pics and videos.