Miranda Lambert Uses a Prehistoric Code Name When She Orders at Starbucks

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Every time I tried to order at Starbucks, I’m given a name that kind of sounds like my own. The best one? Haren. ‘Cause that’s a name.

Miranda Lambert has another approach to the infamous coffee dealer. She uses a code name, to avoid the whole “Oh, it’s Miranda Lambert” scenario.

“It used to be Tara Dactyl,” she told Bobby Bones. “I had to change it because people figured it out.”

Tara is much more than just a decoy name, though.

“I used to be a Tara Dactyl, that was my alter ego when I would get a little too much whiskey,” she continued. “Now I’ve changed my dinosaur to T-ran. See what I did there?”

Does that mean she’s a carnivore?

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Miranda Lambert AKA Tara Dactyl 😂

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