Miranda Lambert’s Thanksgiving Cookies Were Ugly, But Came With a Beautiful Message


Leave it to Miranda Lambert to drop some insightful magic onto Instagram with just a photo of some ugly cookies.

On Thanksgiving Day, Miranda shared a simple photo of some sugar cookies with some homemade icing. But, obviously, her caption mattered most, “I’m thankful for so much. Family, Friends, Mutts and Music just to name a few. And for my sweet Bama boy that encouraged me to walk these into his family’s Thanksgiving when I was totally embarrassed of them. Really UGLY cookies that taste REALLY GOOD! The message we all need to remember sometimes comes with sprinkles. “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” I’m very THANKFUL for the little reminder. #thanksgiving#homemadelessons #theicing#Bamafam💗 #sprinklesomelove#UglyCookieCo

Miranda’s right– it’s what on the inside that counts. But, seriously, what’s up with that icing?