Miranda Lambert Reveals She’s Tired of the Conversation— “I’ve Been Doing This Since Before the Conversation Started”

Photo by Arroyo-OConnor / AFF-USA.COM

Miranda Lambert has been one of the most thoughtful and passionate artists to champion for more women in country music, but she admits that she’s getting a little weary of the conversation.

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In a revealing interview with Rolling Stone, Miranda says that she is seeing some progress, but also, “I am tired of the conversation. I’ve been doing this since before the conversation started, and I’m going to do it after the conversation is over. It should have been a given that we have always supported each other. But now that it’s this poster-waving campaign shit, I’m like, we’re delivering music. It’s not on us that it’s not being played. It isn’t our fault. There is nothing else we should be doing better, because we are doing it.”

Miranda participated in an all-female night of country music at Chicago’s premier Lake Shake Festival recently and commended the event’s organizers for not making it about being a girl’s night, but just another evening of great country music.

“And good on [LakeShake promoter] Live Nation for not making it a big thing about us being females. Just putting LakeShake on Friday for sale, and it happens to be all girls. It wasn’t even a thing,” she said.

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Even her upcoming Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars Tour line-up wasn’t intentionally female. "It wasn’t a conscious decision for it to be all girls,” she says. “It was just, who are you loving and what’s cool right now? And who is available? There are all these factors when you put a tour together. I started naming artists and I thought, maybe it would be cool to do all girls because Maren is inspiring me, she’s kicking ass. And I love Elle King. Then thinking about new artists, I always try and bring a young female singer- songwriter, so then having Caylee Hammack and Tenille Townes, who are all beasts in their own way. It came together organically.”