Montgomery Gentry Releases Lyric Video for “Better Me”

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It’s been over a month since Montgomery Gentry’s Troy Gentry lost his life in a helicopter crash. The band and their team have released the new lyric video for the very powerful current single, “Better Me.”

The video features the lyrics of the song laid over pictures of Troy over the years.

“I’m getting older / finding myself and God gettin’ a little bit closer …and sober / I’m a little less reckless / a little less wild card, breaking hearts, kinda senseless / yeah, I’m coming round.

“I might cuss and fight / tell a few lies / break a few rules, makin’ promises I can’t keep / but I’ve turned the page on wilder days / I’m writing all this down, hopin’ you’ll see / I ain’t saying I’m perfect, but I’m workin, …on a better me,” Troy sings to kick off the song. .

Prior to the passing of Troy, Montgomery Gentry was putting the finishing touches on their next album. The duo was set to release their new single, “Better Me,” in preparation for the new project. However, with the passing of Troy, they felt it fitting to release the new song, where Troy takes lead on vocals, the day of his service.

On the band’s website, Eddie posted a note regarding the death of his friend.

“Hey everybody, this is Eddie. I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. Our world was turned upside down in an instant and nothing could have prepared us for this. Over the past few months me and T-Roy have been working on what I think is the best record of our career. In the last few weeks we had been talking about what our first single would be. Then on September none of that mattered.

“‘Better me’ is a song we all loved and Troy sings his ass off on it. It speaks volumes about his life and who he had become and everyone he touched and how much he loved his family. I am so proud of this song and also to call him my friend, my family, my brother for 30 years.”