Montgomery Gentry New Single, “Better Me,” Being Released To Fans

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The day before Troy Gentry’s Memorial Service is to take place on Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Grand Ole Opry House, Gentry’s label announced that they will be releasing a new single from the duo Montgomery Gentry.

The duo was finishing up a new album prior to Gentry’s death. We’ve come to learn that one song on the album, “Better Me” will be the duo’s next single. The new song was streamed across several radio stations this morning (Sept. 13), including SiriusXM’s The Highway and The Bobby Bones Show.

Gentry takes lead vocals on “Better Me” singing about becoming a better version of yourself and putting wild days behind you. “I’ve turned the page on wilder days / I’m writing all this down, hopin’ you’ll see / I ain’t sayin’ I’m perfect, but I’m workin’ on a better me,” Gentry sings.

A note on SiriusXM’s Facebook page confirmed that “Better Me” will be available to the public on Friday, (Sept. 15), along with a message that read, “This morning we are celebrating the life of our dear friend and brother, Troy Gentry. We are proud to bring you the brand new song ‘Better Me’ by Montgomery Gentry. Music truly is life’s best medicine. For those asking, it will be available this Friday.”

Gentry was tragically killed in a helicopter accident Friday (Sept. 8), when the chopper he was riding in crashed in Medford, N.J. The singer was being flown in to a Montgomery Gentry concert, later that night, at the Flying W Airport in Medford, N.J., when the helicopter experienced mechanical issues, causing it to crash.

Fans who heard the song took to social media to express their opinions.