Eddie Montgomery Finally Revealed Who Will Be Singing Troy Gentry’s Parts on The Montgomery Gentry Tour

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Ever since Eddie Montgomery announce that Montgomery Gentry would be touring this summer, fans have speculated who would fill in vocally for Troy Gentry. Some were even surprised the band would return after Gentry’s tragic passing. But Montgomery was determined to honor his friend through the music they made together and is letting the band take the lead in that tribute.

Montgomery sat down with SiriusXM host Storme Warren this week and walked fans through his process of finding someone to fill in for Gentry.

“I was going to take over the role and sing all of it,” Montgomery said. “The guys in the band – we’ve been through everything. They’ve been with us 20-25 years, most of them. And so I said, ‘You know what I think what we’re gonna do is maybe I might kick it off.’ Our guys are great singers! And so we figured, we’ll do some of the parts here and there and let the band come up and showcase them, too.”

This decision allows the tour to serve both as a way to showcase Montgomery Gentry’s new music and as a way for a group of friends to heal and move forward.

The recently shared a picture to Facebook with Troy Gentry’s widow after rehearsals and couldn’t help but notice a ray of light shining in the middle of the group.

The band just wrapped up rehearsals and will be on the road starting in February. You can find all of their dates and tickets here.