Morgan Evans Joined by Wife Kelsea Ballerini For Duet at Album Release Party [Watch]

Morgan Evans new album Kelsea Ballerini
Photos by Annie Reuter

Morgan Evans celebrated the release of his major label U.S. debut Things That We Drink To on Thursday (Oct. 11), the day before his new album dropped. Morgan’s wife Kelsea Ballerini made a surprise appearance.

During the afternoon event, Morgan discussed the stories behind several of the songs on the project as well as performed a short set to an industry crowd at InDo Nashville. His wife, Kelsea, was hiding in the wings in support of her husband and during Morgan’s performance of heartfelt ballad “Dance With Me,” she surprised the crowd and joined him on stage.

“Dance With Me” with Kelsea

Morgan admitted that the couple hadn’t seen each other in a week and that “Dance With Me” is his favorite song on the album. Penned with songwriter and producer Chris DeStefano, the song came to Morgan just weeks after first meeting Kelsea.

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“I grew up on the other side of the world writing songs by myself and my whole process was, where’s the inspiration?” he said ahead of his performance. “This song was one of those moments that I managed to catch some. I was waiting for Kelsea to perform on one of the morning TV shows one day. It was about seven or eight weeks after we met and the adds came on and I put it on mute and I started playing this guitar part. This whole verse/chorus came out almost like the subconscious wrote it. There’s something pure and real when songs come like that. I’m really grateful to have caught that one.”

Morgan finished writing and recording “Dance With Me” later that day and says he was instantly excited about the song. A few months later, Kelsea asked him to sing backing vocals on her album “Unapologetically.” Suddenly, Morgan had an idea.

“On the way to the studio I said, ‘Hang on a second. If I’m singing one on your record, you have to sing one on mine’. The second she opened her mouth to sing on the song was magical,” he said of their collaboration in the studio.

Morgan evans new album song kelsea ballerini

“Day Drunk” New Single

In addition to performing “Dance With Me,” Morgan sang the album’s title track, his feel-good current single “Day Drunk,” previous No. 1 hit “Kiss Somebody” and “American”. After years of writing by himself in Australia, he said what he fell in love with most about Nashville was the songwriting community.

“The best songwriters in the world want to work with other songwriters. That was the coolest thing that I learned. I just knew I had to be a part of that community,” he added.

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Morgan wrote his new single “Day Drunk” with Chris as well as Lindy Robbins. The singer reveals that the song was inspired by a real day spent with Kelsea.

“The real day was Kelsea’s birthday two years ago. It was the first birthday that we spent together. I had this whole day planned of stuff to do, where we were gonna eat, and all that kind of thing”. “She came home after a few days on the road and said, ‘Man, I’m dead tired. Do you mind if we just close the blinds and open that bottle of champagne?'” he explained. “We just had the best day. That day is about shutting out the world and spending a day with your girl.”

Morgan’s Things That We Drink To is out now.