Morgan Evans Has Won So Many Awards He Can’t Even Remember Them All


Morgan Evans may not be nominated for a CMA Award tonight but the Australian singer has a history of winning in country music. He was the 2016 CMA Global Artist of the Year and has won five fan voted Country Music Channel Awards, including Male Artist of the Year. Those facts are surprising to him as well.

We caught up with Evans on the BMI Country Awards red carpet to play a game of True or False with some of his most notable achievements. When we asked him about his Music Row Discovery Award, he looked like he had just found out he won.

“All this is funny, but it’s true,” he laughed.

Evans then reflected what it meant to him to be a part of the BMI Awards, a night that celebrates songwriters and publishers.

“Tonight is the perfect representation of why, out of anywhere in the world, I moved here. I feel like this is a song town and tonight is a celebration of that.”