Naomi Judd Brings Awareness To Depression By Sharing Her Own Personal Story—“I Went Into This Deep, Dark, Terrifying Hole, and I Couldn’t Get Out.”

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Naomi Judd, 1/2 of the country superstar duo The Judds, is continuing to tell her story about her battle with depression, which lead to thoughts of suicide, in hopes to spread awareness about the debilitating disease.

The 71-year-old stopped by “Megyn Kelly Today” Tuesday morning (Dec. 5) to talk about her mental health issues, which she revealed in her memoir, River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope.

Naomi revealed that she had been battling severe depression and anxiety, which lead to a time in psychiatric wards and an over-abundance of medications, while on the road touring as The Judds.

“After our last tour I knew that all during my life there were periods that I would get so sad and everybody in the family, my neighbors and friends, would say, ‘You’re so empathic, you care so much about other people. You pick up their stuff.” And I do,” Naomi told Megyn. “And my psychologist said that I’m one of the most compassionate and empathic people that he’s ever worked with. So I just attributed to that, but when I came home off the tour I went into this deep dark absolutely terrifying hole and I couldn’t get out. I spent two years on my couch.”

The legendary singer also went on to talk about her daughter Ashley Judd, who was one of the first women to come out with sexual allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.