“Nashville” Series Announces Series Finale Date on July 26

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Just as “Nashville” wrapped the first half of their final season Thursday night (Feb. 22), the one-hour drama is announcing that it’s final episode will air on July 26, giving us eight episodes to look forward to.

The show ended with some plot twists and turns, leaving fans wanting more. No worries though, the second half of the season will return on June 7 to finish out the series.

According to a CMT press release, two new actors, Ronny Cox and Mia Maestro will be added to the show for the second half of the season.

Ronny has been cast in the recurring role of Gideon—a recently reformed, lifelong alcoholic. He’s come back to try and heal a long broken relationship with his son, Deacon (Charles Esten). Gideon is a crusty, frustrated, would-be musician, who resented his son’s success.

Mia has been cast in the recurring role of Rosa—a dedicated follower of Darius’ (Josh Stamberg) Movement who is now having doubts about her role in it.

The final eight episodes look to be filled with what else…drama and suspense as CMT shares a sneak peak at what’s to become of Deacon, Juliette, Gunnar, Scarlett and Avery.