36 Thoughts I Had During That “Nashville” Sneak Peek


In one of the most redeeming moments of 2016, CMT, our most beloved country music channel
saved our most beloved country music show, “Nashville” at the last hour.

And after months of waiting, CMT has aired a sneak peek. And I had some thoughts.

36 Thoughts I Had During That “Nashville” Sneak Peek:

1. Is Rayna going to beat up that old man if he doesn’t sing it?

2. There’s the plane crash. A woman in the field called 911 and said, “someone’s still alive!”

3. Our precious Juliette Barnes told that plane crash to shove it where the sun don’t shine. She ain’t going out like this.

4. Oh, of course this woman is going to sing her back to life.

5. Avery, naturally, is only 20 miles away. He can start singing harmonies if he gets there in time.

So far, so good.

6. Oh no. Juliette can feel her toes, but nothing else. The doctor needs her to tell her brain that it’s going to be okay.

7. Will this finally be the time that Rayna steps in and mothers Juliette a little? I’ve been waiting on this for 4 years now. Juliette just needs a little love from a motherly figure.

8. Juliette is trying to push Rayna away because that is what she does.

9. Juliette rolling that wheelchair away was almost too much.

10. This is all very dramatic. Juliette thinks she’s in a wheelchair because of everything that’s happened in her past. (This is when I forget TV characters aren’t real and explaining how Jesus works to the TV screen starts happening.)

11. Is this is a Christmas episode? Feels like one without the hospital poinsettias.

12. Maddie no longer has a record deal. It cost Rayna $275,000. Feels like they could’ve worked a little harder on that considering the producer was attempting to seduce young Maddie.

13. Highway 65 Records is having trouble. Or as Bucky says, “very big bumps in the road.”

14. I like that Rayna was scouring YouTube for the next big thing.

15. Maddie is pitching songs to Rayna in the kitchen. Maddie doesn’t want help from anyone even though she doesn’t have a chorus.

16. Rayna is going to Silicon Valley to sing for a tech guy. On a private plane. There’s turbulence.

17. Does this flight attendant not watch the news? She could be a little more sensitive to Rayna in this situation, right?

18. Rayna tells Deacon she had a panic attack on the plane. And they keep it a secret as to why she had a panic attack.

19. OH MY GOSH. Who are these news people?

20. They are speculating on live TV about Juliette being paralyzed or not.

21. This tech guy says he’s an insane “fan boy.” He used to have Rayna’s tapes.

22. Rayna, nor the tech guy know if there are country music fans in Silicon Valley. Feels like the tech guy could gather some data on that. I could do it right now.

BONUS: Last month, 2 percent of readers on OneCountry.com hailed from the San Francisco region. There you go, Rayna!

23. Maddie should really lighten up a little with her sister.

24. The tech guy loved Rayna’s set. I bet she asks him for money. Right?

25. This is the most dramatic episode of “Nashville” ever. Juliette’s plane crash dream was terrifying.

26. Scarlet and Gunnar have finally appeared.

27. Oh, heaven help us. This tech guy is putting the moves on Rayna.

28. Rayna can’t get on that plane. But, is it because of Juliette or something else? They are sure acting like it’s something else.

29. Juliette has asked Avery to take her to the plane crash site and obviously, that wheelchair is not great in the field. She needs one of those with some muddin’ tires on it.

30. Is Rayna really so bad off that she’s crying herself to sleep at night watching old YouTube videos?

31. I sure hope Juliette and Avery are paying Emily overtime because they were just gone all night. Emily deserves so much. Not just money.

32. Deacon flew overnight to California? From Nashville? That is not possible.

33. Rayna is lost (figuratively)? Maybe driving across the country isn’t a great idea?

34. If Juliette tries to record an album with her singing angel I’m going to throw up.

35. If you were going to drive across the country would you do it in a really old Mustang? Seems unsafe, Rayna.

36. The man at the gas station is not Bill Monroe. He died in 1996. I looked it up.