6 Natalie Maines Tweets About President Donald Trump You Have to Read to Believe

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If you don’t follow Natalie Maines on Twitter, it’s probably for the best. Sometimes, she has some pretty hilarious stuff, like this one about a cheese platter.

Other times, her tweets are a little darker and usually aimed at President Donald Trump. Most of the world is trying to disengage with Trump on Twitter, but not this Dixie Chick!

6 Natalie Maines Tweets About Donald Trump You Have to Read to Believe:

1. Honestly, there are a few “Real Housewives” that would make great candidates.

2. That is actually a very specific smell.

3. I remember 4th grade being pretty tough though.

4. Classic backhanded compliment.

5. And another.

6. Feels like you could try a little harder?