Need invention ideas for kids? -The ultimate stem Guide

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You absolutely need invention ideas for kids! Your twins have just come home from fifth grade with an assignment to invent new widgets for the school invention fair. You panic! How are you ever going to help your kids come to up with new invention ideas? Living in the modern technological age that we do, you turn to the…..internet. Aha, you type in “invention ideas for kids” and expect magic. Voila, you have arrived at the right place:

Now that you are here, we are going to give you lots of ideas on how your kids can come up with their own ORIGINAL easy invention ideas. This is guaranteed to raise their self esteem and give them something of which to be proud. Our goal here is to teach your kids the process of brainstorming so that they can experience great joy from this creative process of identifying and solving a problem and make them feel great about themselves.

Inventing is one of the most satisfying hobbies around and ANYONE of any age can do it! My warning now is that inventing is CONTAGIOUS! Expect everyone in the house (even the pets) can get involved.

This site is filled with IDEAS of how to generate invention ideas for kids of any age. Inventions can be technologically complex but they don’t have to be. Inventions can also be small modifications to already existing product or even very simple new products to solve common pet peeves. We will help you tranform your kids into actual inventors whether they come up with very simple ideas or very sophisticated ones.

But much more than that…we will give you listings of the most up-to-date invention contests for kids. The goal of entering a contest with a specific theme will generate more invention ideas for kids.

That way, students will not have to limit their invention ideas to the school invention fair. They will have the opportunity to achieve national fame and maybe see their widgets for sale at Toys-R-Us or Target.

What’s more is that I will introduce you to the (serious) idea of patenting your child’s new invention idea. Why? To make a million dollars? No, not at all. Think about how unique your child will be to have his or her own patent by the end of high school (or even grade school).

Want him or her to apply to Harvard, Yale or MIT? Want him or her to win a college scholarship? Just imagine your kid’s curriculum vitae: INVENTOR AND ENTREPRENEUR (Patent Number: 3,xxx,xxx,xxx). Impressive!

I will show you how you can help your child achieve a patent without the high cost of a patent lawyer. In fact, by leading your child up the steps from new invention idea to patent application, you will be leading your kid through the fields of science, law, effective writing, business and more.

This type of educational activity for kids is priceless and will surely lead them on the path to a bright tomorrow. More about that later…

In the meantime, try our short INVENTION IDEAS FOR KIDS trivia quiz below for some fun and then explore our INVENTION IDEAS FOR KIDS notebook pages to learn how to systematically invent, research and patent your kids’ invention ideas. Have fun inventing!