If There’s a “9 to 5” Reboot Happening, Here’s Who We Want in The Cast


According to Deadline, ” 2oth Century Fox is in the early stages of a new version of ‘9 to 5‘ that would focus on three young women dealing with sexism and chauvinism in the workplace, who turn to the original trio for help in navigating and getting even with the course male higher-ups. Sources said that there are early talks for creator Pat Resnick to team with a young writer — actress-scribe Rashida Jones is the one they want — to find a handle that can make the concept relevant to a young comedy audience. The film will be produced by Shawn Levy, Resnick and Jonathan Baruch of Rain Management Group.”

Great, assuming they want the movie to work, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have to be involved.

If Parton, Fonda and Tomlin can’t star in it– Leslie Mann can be Judy, Mindy Kaling can be Violet and Reese Witherspoon can be Doralee. Bradley Whitford would make an excellent Mr. Hart.