Newcomer Tyler Dial Keeps The Party Going With New Single, “About Last Night”

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If you thought it was hot out now, wait until newcomer Tyler Dial turns up the heat with his infectious new summer anthem, “About Last Night.”

“I had a blast creating the retro vibe for ‘About Last Night’ with my producer Ryan,” Dial tells One Country. “It’s a nice progression from my previous songs and we’ve had a lot of fun trying it out on the road.”

Tyler Dial_About Last Night Cover Art_FINAL Release A

The new disco-infused tune, written by Tyler, Jon Stark and Adam James, has the Arizona native singing about an epic party that leaves you reminiscing about it the next day, despite the massive hangover you’re fighting. Most of us can relate.

“About last night / Don’t know where to start but my backyard is lookin’ like / Bonnaroo in the morning light / I got blurry pictures on my phone / Sharpie face like Post Malone / Solo cup on the garden gnome / For all I know / It was epic, it was crazy / we were legends in the making / making drinks just a little too strong / making it up as we sang along / Everyone who’s anyone / was staying up to watch the sun rise / Gonna spend our lives / Talkin’ ’bout last night,” he sings to kick off the tune.

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“I’ve always wanted to write a line about waking up with blurry pictures on my phone,” said Tyler, “Once Adam came up with the Post Malone line, I knew we had something special. I’m so stoked for everyone to hear it.”

“About Last Night” is the follow up release to Tyler’s previous single “Hold You To It” from his EP Repaint.

Check out Tyler’s toe-tapping,  addictive new single that will leave you wanting more.