The Internet Still Can’t Handle Nicole Kidman Kissing Alexander Skarsgård on the Lips, In Front of Keith Urban


I wholeheartedly believe that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are so in love, supportive and straight-up in awe of one another that when Alexander Skarsgård went to the stage to accept his award for Outstanding Supporting Actor at the 69th Annual EMMY Awards, Urban didn’t even see the kiss that the Internet can’t get over.

He was totally, without a doubt, just looking at Kidman. It’s what he does.

But, still– it does beg the question– do people really kiss their friends on the lips?

The kiss did seem to be more than just a peck, but nothing like “you may now kiss your bride!” The gaze after the kiss from Skarsgård was more intense than anything. I think.

Some fans were confused and upset.

Some fans were like– duh.

Some fans thought she deserved it? That’s a unique perspective for sure.

Some fans were actually concerned about how Reese Witherspoon felt when Nicole kissed Keith. Fair.

And, this one person thinks Nicole is married to Toby Keith.

So, let’s all take a moment to imagine what that would look like.