Nicole Kidman’s Pre-Red Carpet Routine Includes FaceTiming Keith Urban and Talking to Tourists on Buses

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Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman gets ready for big-time events just like the rest of us– with a fancy ride to a hotel room and a team of people doing her hair and makeup. Okay, so maybe not totally like everyone else, but kind of because while getting ready she listens to husband Keith Urban and sneaks in a FaceTime call or two.

Oh, yeah– she also waves at tourists and lets them take her picture before being totally red carpet ready.

On the way to meet up with her glam squad, Nicole spotted one of those Hollywood tour buses and rolled down her window to say hello. The tourists were in shock screaming, “Hiiiiii! Oh my gosh! This is like a dream come true! Oh my gosh! I love you! You look beautiful in person!”

As she drove a way she waved and said, “have a great time!”

Once Nicole made it to her crew, she took fans behind the scenes for an all-access look at what a pre-Oscars afternoon looks like. This Oscars was a little different for her as she went without Keith, but he was there in spirit. Nicole was playing his “Parallel Line” all afternoon before FaceTiming him. She also eats cashews and drinks coconut water.