One Thing Chris Young Would Never Ask an SI Swimsuit Model To Do


Nashville was home to Sports Illustrated’s Swimville recently, as the magazine celebrated the release of its world-renowned “Swimsuit Edition.”

Chris Young was one of the guys lucky enough to play for the sexier-than-normal crowd and we ended up learning a little more about him than we expected.

1. Chris Young reads the “Swimsuit Edition” for the articles.

2. Gigi Hadid is a big fan of his.

3. Chris Young likes bowling.

4. He would never take a girl bowling on a first date.

5. Chris Young would never sing one of his own songs to girl as a pick up line.

Even though he says “Aw, Naw”– we’d totally go bowling on a date with Chris Young while he serenades us with his own songs. Seems like a really great idea.

Image Source: CMA, PR Photos