Parmalee Explain Their ‘27861’ Album Title


What the heck does 27861 mean? We sat down with Parmalee to get to the bottom of it.

The gentleman of Parmalee sat down with us and gave a very simple explanation.

“New album is that is the zip code to Parmalee, North Carolina, where we started the band,” says Matt Thomas. “We all have it tattooed on us somewheres. It’s a stamp of our commitment to the band back in the day.”

It not only shows their dedication to their hometown — which is totally obvious from the band name — but also respect.

“We spent five years out there rehearsing and being a band so we figured why not title the album the zip code and give them a shout out for listening to all that noise back in the day,” Matt adds.

But maybe they’re making up for a certain incident …

“The worst thing we did in Parmalee was cut down the Parmalee sign with a chainsaw …” Barry Knox admits.

27861 is out now.