Parmalee Release New Song “Down Town” to Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

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North Carolina natives Parmalee were glued to their TVs as Hurricane Florence pounded down on their home state and South Carolina last month. Following the storm’s devastation, the country act knew they wanted to do something to help those stranded so frontman Matt Thomas wrote a song called “Down Town” where all the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Florence victims through the Red Cross.

“It was heartbreaking to see all of the pictures and videos people back home shared of the damage caused by the storm,” Matt says in a statement. “This is where we’re from—these are our brothers and sisters. We played some of our first shows in these towns. These people have supported us for so long, we knew we wanted to help and support them in return. Hearing the stories of how everybody banded together and looked out for each other, as they always do, was really inspiring and reminded me why I’m proud of where I came from, which is what this song is all about.”

The brand new track serves as a song of resilience for the citizens of the Carolinas. “We’ve all weathered our fair share of storms / Ain’t nothing we ain’t seen before / We get hit get knocked down, get back up for another round ‘round here / This ain’t no going down town, when trouble comes around town,” they sing on the track.

The nearly five-minute video for the song includes storm footage from local news channels in hopes to support the band’s fundraising efforts. Over 1 million people were forced to evacuate the Carolinas last month and 39 people died from the storm.

“Down Town” is available for download here. To donate to Hurricane Florence recovery, visit the Red Cross.