Peyto Lake – A little Paradise amid Nature: My Favourite in Canada


There is no doubt that Peyto Lake is the best lake in the world. Often people think is is really that blue, as it appears in the postcards? The answer is, Yes. The glacier-fed lake is indeed one marvellous creation of the almighty. Located in the Banff National Park, the pristine Blue Peyto Lake is a dream destination for every nature lover.

It makes a mesmerising sight in the summers when it turns immaculate blue, a color that the lake takes a loan from the glacier rock flour accumulation in the water. The color changes with every season and even with the time of the day, but no matter when you adore it, it is always breathtakingly beautiful.

Peto lake also makes a perfect picnic spot. While cherishing with our family all we need is a beautiful some handy food, a few activities to make the time enjoyable and a splendid backdrop to get into the spirit of a picnic.

At Peyto lake, you get all of this. You must enjoy watching the wide stretch of snow laden mountains, mesmerising views of the plates and the unimpeachable sight of the beautiful blue lake.

So, if all this makes you really interested in planning a picnic trip to the incredible Peyto Lake here are some activities that you can cherish to make your time more memorable:

Hiking to Bow summit:

The Bow Summit hike is what every travel enthusiast would die for. It is a treat for every nature lover and an adventure enthusiast’s delight. The cloud-capped mountains and the majestic green give you away to the paradise.

You can enjoy relishing views of the Peyto Lake from Bow Summit and admire the cod’s creation. The Peyto lake view point offers a great view of the entire valley and the snowfall happens to be the best time here.

The Ice fields Parkway:

If you love adventure, this is one place you must visit. The elating experience of driving amidst the glacier snow, while admiring the scenic beauty is worth every gasp. You cannot miss watching any sight as the entire 360-degree view is mesmerising. All this just 5.3 kilometres from Peyto Lake.


Another feather in the hat of Peyto Lake is the amazing fishing opportunity it extends. You can acquire a National Park Fishing License at the park’s information Centre and relish the best fishing experience of your lifetime. All you need is your handy gears to catch some really delectable fish on Peyto lake.

If the spinning reel review is considered, the charm and enjoyment of fishing on the Peyto Lake are beyond verbal explanation. Off course, only a fishing lover can relate to this.

Bow Lake:

Your picnic at Peyto lake is incomplete without a visit to Bow Lake. It is one of the best lakes in the region. In fact, you may extend your visit over a night and take shelter in the lodge at Bow Lake. In the night the snow-capped mountains look gloriously beautiful and thus makes all your effort worth it.

Your visit to the Peyto Lake would be the best picnic you ever had. It has everything that makes your vacation memorable. If you indulge in all the activities stated above, indeed you will enjoy the best time of your life. Happy Picnicking!!!