“Pickler & Ben” Singing Christmas Carols is How All Caroling Outings Should Go


Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron have been starring in the daytime talk show “Pickler & Ben” since it’s debut on Sept. 18 and it seems the pair is really digging their new gig.

On a recent episode, the daytime duo seriously got into the spirit of Christmas when they decided to go house to house in Nashville singing Christmas carols. But unlike the rest of us, who would just go out in our everyday clothes, Ben and Kellie dressed up in Victorian Dickens outfits, calling themselves the “Pickler & Ben” Victorian age carolers. They even convinced three helpers to tag along.

As the carolers came upon a house full of kids, Ben asked if the kids parents were home, or were they just having a really cool sleepover. Ben then implored the kids to get their parents saying, “It might make it less weird if your parents were here.”

The quintet went on to sing “Deck the Halls,” “Silent Night,” and “Jingle Bells” for unsuspecting Nashville residents, before inviting themselves in to people’s homes. While there they shared glasses of wine, watched the movie Guardian of the Galaxy and Ben even went so far as to take care of washing a couple’s dishes.

“Pickler & Ben” airs everyday in syndication. Check your local listings for air times. The show then repeats on CMT the following day.