“Pickler & Ben” Launches Debut with Appearance From Executive Producer Faith Hill

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Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron kicked off their new talk show Monday morning, aptly titled “Pickler and Ben.”

One thing that differentiates the series from other daytime talk shows is that the executive producer of “Pickler & Ben” is none other than country music superstar Faith Hill. Hill had a hands on approach to the show, giving her input on everything, including set design. The “Mississippi Girl” singer and mother of three wanted the set to feel like a place you’d want to spend time in.

For those of us who wondered if Hill would periodically make appearances on the show, our questions were answered when Hill was projected on screen behind Pickler and Aaron. In the opening moments, the two hosts showed off the farmhouse feel and took a few moments to introduce Hill, who they put to work in the control room—complete with her own headset.

“Every now and then she can tap into our ears and we’re like, ‘God?’ I knew you were a woman,” Pickler said as the audience erupted into applause.

The executive producer was quick to heap praise on her two co-hosts. “You’re the reason we’re doing this show. It’s because of you guys, honestly. You make this show run. We love ya’ll,” Hill said. And with that, the show was up and running.

Filmed in Nashville, the daytime series features Pickler and Aaron hosting segments with top celebrities, tastemakers and experts on everything from entertaining and home design to cooking, fashion and more.

“This show truly feels like home,” Pickler said statement. “It’s like spending time with a bunch of good friends who just stopped by to trade stories on the back porch. We have a little something for everyone.”

“Pickler and Ben” can be seen on CMT each morning or check your local listings for air times in your area.