Miranda Lambert Bares Her Soul In New Pistol Annies Song “Masterpiece” [Listen]


Pistol Annies will release their third studio album, “Interstate Gospel,” next week and they’re giving fans an early listen of another track on the release titled “Masterpiece.” The heartbreaking ballad features Miranda Lambert on lead vocals while her bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley provide haunting harmonies.

The poignant ballad has Miranda looking back on a past relationship and how the couple were often gossiped about. “Baby, we were just a masterpiece / Up there on the wall for all to see  . . . We were talked about / Once you’ve been framed / You can’t get out,” she sings at the song’s start.

“It was at a time where we needed to write this song,” Miranda explains in an Instagram clip.” I needed to write it and I needed to write it with my sisters. There wasn’t anybody else that I could have captured that with. When you go through something hard, people that love you go through that with you. That was one of those moments of writing where I feel like we all jumped on each other’s emotions and go, ‘Oh yeah, I feel that too. Let’s write about it.’ ‘Masterpiece’ is a magical song and it needed to be written for so many reasons and I feel like we did a beautiful job of telling the story.”

On the last verse Miranda’s voice cracks as she sings the song’s most memorable lyrics.“Maybe we were just a country song / I’m still doing time / The king is gone / I tried to stand by my man / We were making plans / We were making plans,” she belts.

Hear the song in its entirety below. “Interstate Gospel” will be available on Nov. 2.