Pistol Annies Say New Album “Interstate Gospel” Was Built On Love and Trust

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The Pistol Annies recently released their third studio album, “Interstate Gospel,” and in a new video the three women share the evolution of the project. The follow-up to 2013’s “Annie Up” and debut project “Hell On Heels,” the trio explain that the new music featured on “Interstate Gospel” showcases their growth as individuals and as a band.

“I feel like we all three have grown individually as artists and as humans over the past five years,” Ashley Monroe explains in a new video clip. “You kind of start honing in on who you are with every year of your life.”

Bandmate Miranda Lambert agrees, explaining that their new album is more complex and goes deeper than they ever have before lyrically. Songs like “When I Was His Wife,” “Masterpiece” and “Got My Name Changed Back” exemplify this vulnerability.

“The songs are a little bit more complex. The songs are a little more grown up and deeper than we’ve gone in the past maybe. So, capturing that musically to match the lyrics and the feeling of what we felt when we wrote it was a longer process than we had experienced before,” Miranda explains. “But we knew, let it breathe, let it take time because when it gets there it’s gonna be right.”

Angaleena Presley then chimes in, sharing that their latest project and their band is “built on love and trust.”

“I think the common denominator is we know it’s all going to work out ’cause we all know the players and we love the players, and we love our producer and our engineer and each other,” she adds. “It’s built on love and trust.”