Pistol Annies Are Reunited In the Studio and “Sangin’ Some Songs”

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Pistol Annies instagram shot
Photo courtesy Pistol Annies Instagram

Pistol Annies have been hinting at new music for quite some time and it seems like an announcement could be coming very soon. The group shared an image of themselves on Instagram, in what appears to be a studio.

“Sangin’ some songs. #staytuned #hollerannie #lonestarannie#hippieannie,” they caption the black and white photo.

While the band took a break in 2013, the three friends have been spotted together performing alongside Miranda Lambert on the singer’s tour stops as well as peppering their social media accounts with hints that new music is on the way.

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Reunion weekend. 📸: @bfluke

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In a recent interview with HITS Daily Double, Miranda discussed how writing with Pistol Annies bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley is “such a relief” and is less pressure than her solo projects.

“Pistol Annies is such a relief. Because there’s three of us, it’s such a relief in a different way,” she explains. “It makes me more brave, because when there’s three of us, we can say whatever we want. It teaches me why writing alone is so much more pressure, and so much harder. That right there, paper and pen, scares me to death. But I know there’s a resolve. You sit your ass in a chair, and you’re gonna wait and it’s gonna come. Deadlines are hard for us, but they’re also good. I know it.”

Writing with two of your best friends also seems like fun. The three women enjoyed a writing retreat in May, which makes the likelihood of a 2018 album release a high possibility. While photos included some downtime in the pool, Miranda promises they were writing. “Feelin’ floaty!🦄 #pistolannies #workplay#WeWereWritingIPromise,” Miranda shares on her personal account.

“That is the safest most honest place all three of us are—I feel like is with each other. It’s strong, Ashley tells One Country. “We’ve got our record written. I think we’re going to go away once more to Miranda’s farm, just because we really like to go down there. We write songs so easy when we’re together. It’s like breathing, it’s not even work. I don’t how it happens.”

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Weekend workin’

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Pistol Annies’ last album was 2013’s Annie Up. It followed the success of their critically acclaimed debut album, 2011’s Hell On Heels.