The Cast of “Pitch Perfect 3” Play a Special Version of Heads Up With Ellen… But There’s a Twist


The stars of “Pitch Perfect 3,” Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp, made the talk show rounds appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show, prior to the release of their movie.

In true Ellen form, she got the ladies to play a game of Act It Out: Sidekick. The game is a play on the app game, Heads Up, created by “The Ellen Show.” In this game, people split into teams and pick a category. Your team gets a word and tries to act it out so their teammate can guess the word. You have 60 seconds to guess as many items as you can, based on the clues your teammates provide. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

The actresses were eager to play as they split into teams—Anna Kendrick and Rebel vs. Brittany and Anna Camp. While the ladies gave the clues, Ellen would do the guessing. The catch the women had to share a very large sweater, keeping them attached to their partner.

In the end there were no winners. Each team scored 9 correct answers, ending in a tie, probably because Ellen is really good at guessing or she knew what was coming.

Either way, the girls were good sports before pretending to wrestle to the death to find the winner.

“Pitch Perfect 3” is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, Dec. 22.