9 Country Music Songs That Should Have Been Injected Into the First Presidential Debate

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Hillary Clinton said it best, “one down, two to go!” Which means, Americans only have to suffer through two more debates and just a few more weeks of campaigning between Clinton and Donald Trump.

The debate was entertaining— until those watching remembered– this is it. Mostly, it was tame, unlike the “Anything Goes”(Florida Georgia Line) campaign season so far and while we were watching, certain country music songs kept popping into our head over and over again– like campaign sound bites.

9 Country Music Songs That Should Have Been Injected Into the First Presidential Debate:

1. “That means we need new jobs, good jobs with rising incomes.” — Hillary Clinton // “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton)
If Clinton could’ve said this with “9 to 5” slowly clickin’ along in the background, everyone would be pumped about minimum wage.

2. “They are going to Mexico.” — Donald Trump // “Beer in Mexico” (Kenny Chesney)
Trump said “Mexico” so many times in a short span all we could think about was heading to Mexico with Kenny Chesney and having a beer.

3. “And Hillary, I’ll just ask you this — you’ve been doing this for thirty years. Why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? For thirty years, you’ve been doing it.” — Donald Trump // “My Next Thirty Years” (Tim McGraw)
Trump was really into talking about Clinton’s past and particularly all of the things she hasn’t been doing. All we could think about was Tim McGraw and “Lord have mercy on my next thirty years.”

4. “When I go around, Lester, I tell you this — I’ve been all over.” — Donald Trump // “I’ve Been Everywhere” (Johnny Cash)
We are definitely pushing for Trump to start using Johnny Cash more.

5. “I get audited almost every year. And in a way I should be complaining. I’m not even complaining. I don’t mind them. It’s almost become a way of life. I get audited by the IRS. But other people don’t.” — Donald Trump // “Who’ll Buy My Memories” (Willie Nelson)
When Willie Nelson was having trouble with the IRS he released an entire album to get them off his back. If Trump loses the election an album could be a good option for him?


6. “And we have a country that needs new roads, new tunnels, new bridges, new airports, new schools, new hospitals and we don’t have the money because it has been squandered on so many of your ideas.” — Donald Trump // “Traveller” (Chris Stapleton)
Trump is right. There are more than a few roads and airports in America that are terrifying, but hey– at least he made us think about Chris Stapleton.

7. “The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough.“– Donald Trump // “Digital Get Down” (*NSYNC)
It’s not a country song, but Trump was talking about computers and the Internet like it was 1956, kind of like how *NSYNC sang about in 2000.

8. “So a man who can be provoked by a tweet shouldn’t have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes as far as I think anyone with any sense about this should be concerned.” — Hillary Clinton // “Undo It” (Carrie Underwood
Trump went on to tell Clinton that line was “getting old,” but surely he wished he could undo it now.

9. “They’re untrue and they’re misrepresentations. And I will tell you this, Lester, it’s not nice and I don’t, I don’t deserve that. But it’s certainly not a nice thing that she’s done.” // “She’s Got a Way With Words” (Blake Shelton)
Literally could not stop thinking about Blake Shelton when Trump started talking about words and niceness.


Hopefully, we can get some background music for the next debate?