[Watch] RaeLynn Sings Heartfelt Song, “Camo,” Dedicated to Army Wives


RaeLynn has been open about the daily struggles she faces as an Army wife since her husband, Josh Davis, enlisted in the military in 2017. On July 4, the singer shared a new song called “Camo” that she penned about these hardships after a fellow Army wife approached her at a concert.

“I had a sweet army wife come up to me at one of my shows and ask me to write a song for spouses in the military,” she writes on Twitter. “So here you go Stacy. Thank you to every person in this country that has a loved one that serves, your service of encouragement is just as important.”

RaeLynn then posted a minute-long video of the heartbreaking ballad. A song that begins with what camo meant to her as a teenager versus what it means now that her husband has enlisted, the vulnerable lyrics strike a chord.

“Camo means country music, cutoff jeans, 100 proof on a bonfire night, Friday night lights,” she sings at the song’s start while strumming an acoustic guitar.

Soon, the feel-good vibe changes when she admits, “These days Camo means / I don’t get to see his face in the morning . . . I don’t get to dance with him on the weekend / Call him up for no good reason / Truth is I don’t even get to see him when he’s in camo.”

RaeLynn doesn’t shy away from the emotions she feels when her husband is away. In a new YouTube video posted on July 4, the singer details life as an Army wife.

“The thing I love most about being an army wife is, I get to be a part of an incredible community with other women that are going through the same exact thing that I’m going through,” she shares. “The most challenging thing about being an army wife is for sure the not getting to see each other part because there are so many things that happen in life that your spouse should be there for.”