RaeLynn’s Calls Her Debut Album, ‘WildHorse,’ Her “College Experience”

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At 18 years old, most people leave home and either go to college, join the military or start their own life.

RaeLynn auditioned and became a contestant on The Voice, changing her life forever. In the four years since, the 22-year-old has lived and loved and poured it all into her debut album WildHorse.

“There’s so much vulnerability and heart pouring out of every song on this record,” RaeLynn says. “Every lyric takes you through a part of my journey these last four years – this record is my college experience in a lot of ways. I graduated from high school, moved away from my parents, and started a life on my own. I fell in love, had my heart broken and then found love again. I married the man of my dreams and now we’re starting a life together. All the highs and lows from these last four years are here. I’ve always wanted to put out an album where my personality and songwriting could really shine through and I feel likeWildHorse finally gives fans a true glimpse into who I am as an artist and a young woman.”

The title track has deep meaning for the songstress.

“I remember when I wrote WildHorse and thinking how the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” said RaeLynn. “My grandmother used to call my mom a wild horse and I definitely am, too. I’ve always had a different way of looking at life and embracing my carefree spirit. Sure, I can be a handful with my Texas sass mixed with sparkly glitter, but you know, I am who I am. And, I know I’m not the only one out there, right? I hope that when you hear this song, it gives you the confidence to be yourself and be the wild horse you were meant to be.”

WildHorse will be released on Dec. 2. The pre-order is available now.


  1. Your Heart
  2. WildHorse
  3. Love Triangle
  4. Lonely Call
  5. Insecure
  6. The Apple
  7. Young (feat. Leeland Mooring)
  8. Diamonds
  9. Trigger
  10. Graveyard
  11. Say (feat. Dan + Shay)
  12. Praying For Rain