RaeLynn Drops New Song “Rowdy” and It’s Getting Us Amped for the Weekend [Listen]

RaeLynn Rowdy new single
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

RaeLynn surprised fans with a brand new track called “Rowdy” on Friday (Jan.11). A fitting release for the end of the work week, the Texas native sings about getting a little rowdy on a Friday.

“I get pumped when it’s Friday / ‘Cause I know what’s coming my way / Soon as I get back in the driveway / I get rowdy,” she sings.

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With ear-grabbing guitar licks, a distinct throwback feel and name drops of Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke, RaeLynn draws the listener in. Her rapid fire singing on the track’s chorus continues to showcase her versatility and ability to push genre lines.

“I get rowdy / I get mouthy / When I get all my friends around me / You can hear us from across the county / Yeah, my crowd we get rowdy,” she croons.

“Rowdy” follows the previous release of RaeLynn’s “Tailgate” and “Queens Don’t.” The three new songs mark the first taste of new music she’s revealed since her debut album Wildhorse in 2017. The 24-year-old has been posting snippets of new music with fans on social media as well. Last year, she shared an emotional video of herself in front of her piano playing a song she wrote about a lost friendship.

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“I wrote this song about losing a friendship that was very dear to me,” she captioned the video. “Sometimes when you know someone a little too well they push you away… and that is the trouble of knowing someone a little too well.”

In addition to recording new music, this year RaeLynn will serve as direct support throughout Kane Brown’s Live Forever Tour.

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