RaeLynn’s Dog Found Safe

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After days of asking for help to find her lost dog, Dolly, RaeLynn has received the news that her dog has been found and is safe.

A family in the area of the Island of Pigeon Forge found the dog wandering by their store in the frigid temperatures. They took the dog in and contacted RaeLynn.

A friend of RaeLynn’s, reality star Todd Chrisley, offered a $5,000 reward for the safe return of the dog. The family turned down the reward just wanting to make sure the little pup was returned safely.

RaeLynn updated fans and those looking for Dolly by posting the news on Instagram. “My HEROS. Matt, Caitlin, Amy, Josh and not pictured Chrissy also Cassie who spotted her in front of her store. Thank you to @theislandpf for having the best group of people! They didn’t want the 5k reward they were just looking out of the kindness of their hearts. The first of many miracles in 2018. Dolly survived 3 nights in single digit weather. She is a fighter and my little badass. Mommy is on her way baby.”

See, social media can be used for good. We’re glad to know that Dolly is safe and sound.