RaeLynn Shares ‘Bittersweet’ Weekend With Her Husband After His Grandfather’s Death


Life has been different for RaeLynn and her husband Josh Davis since Feb. 13, 2017. That’s when Josh left Nashville for basic training, meaning that they would have limited contact for 9 weeks (at a minimum).

Unfortunately, Josh’s grandfather died last week, which gave Josh and his Mrs. a bittersweet reunion. Josh was able to take leave to be with his family during this difficult time.

“Josh’s Papa passed away today,” she wrote last week. “I can’t imagine how hard it is for Josh being away when all of this is happening. Praying for my husband and family so much right now. So thankful for all the Joy, Wisdom and Example of a Real Man Papa showed to Josh. Please say a prayer for the whole fam.”

Even in the midst of their pain, the pair shared their love.