RaeLynn Fibbed to Her Husband About Getting Her New Tattoo


Earlier this year, RaeLynn spent months barely communicating with her husband, Josh, while he was in basic training. So we can’t really blame her for not telling him she got a new tattoo.

I sat down with RaeLynn recently to talk about her new single “Lonely Call” and I asked about the new ink she’s sporting on the outside of her arm. She told me that she fibbed to Josh about when exactly she got the horse.

“Why do you want a horse on your arm?” he asked her.

“Because I’m a wild horse, duh!” she responded.

RaeLynn told me that she had promised him that she wouldn’t get the new tat unless her new album, Wildhorse, went No. 1. As life would have it, though, she got it a month before the album’s release and hoped Josh wouldn’t see it in the pics she was sending him.

She explains: