RaeLynn’s New “Insecure” is a Song Every Woman Needs to Hear

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RaeLynn is young, but she’s wise. She’s small in stature, but a force of nature these days when it comes to her new debut album, WildHorse, finally set to drop on December 2nd.

After the success of “Love Triangle” and an outpouring of fan reaction, RaeLynn has released “Insecure” ahead of the official album drop.

“Insecure” might one of the most honest looks at love and relationships country music has seen in the last decade. RaeLynn (with Nicolle Galyon and Jimmy Robbins) wrote the song after a night out with her husband— a night out where she spent the evening wondering what he thought of another woman. The song bounces from rivalry to wisdom with the gentle reminder to, “don’t get insecure.”Yeah it ain’t his fault that when he talks, they all fall

I know they all want to take him and the truth is I can’t blame him
Cause he’s tall, dark, and handsome
And still sweet as hell, in moments of weakness
I tell myself

No don’t get insecure
No he ain’t into her
She’s playing dirty, all flirty from across the room
You might think she’s a 10 but she don’t count to him
Cos girl he’s busy, getting dizzy all around you
Don’t waste a second second guessin’
get obsessed with her obsessin’
He’s all yours, he ain’t hers
She ain’t worth getting insecure

The acoustic performance captures the depth of the lyrics and the vulnerability in a way that’s slightly different than the album version.