RaeLynn’s Maternal Instinct Kicks In At Christmas

RaeLynn Joshua Davis baby motherhood
Photo courtesy RaeLynn Instagram

They’ve been married for almost three years, but RaeLynn and husband Joshua Davis have yet to announce that they are adding a baby to their family. However, a post on the petite country star’s Instagram page on Christmas Day indicates that the singer-songwriter may be considering taking the plunge into motherhood…one day, anyway.

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RaeLynn shared video of Josh waltzing around the living room with his beautiful little niece in his arms to Michael W. Smith’s “The Happiest Christmas.” In the caption, RaeLynn writes, “OK, my ovaries officially hurt.”

The couple could be considering adding a little one to their family, and the timing might seem right. RaeLynn and Joshua tied the knot in early 2016 outside of Nashville in nearby Franklin, Tennessee with RaeLynn’s cousin officiating the ceremony. A year later, Joshua, a former financial advisor, enlisted in the military with his wife’s full support. And while that certainly doesn’t mean the couple couldn’t start growing their family, they may be thinking about waiting until Joshua isn’t at risk of being stationed anywhere.

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RaeLynn and Josh do still have plenty of time, though. The country singer is just 24-years old, and her handsome husband is just a few years older, so they have lots of good baby making years ahead of them. One thing is certain. Her fans absolutely can’t wait until the Davis pair becomes a bigger little family. The comments that fill the post are all in support of RaeLynn’s future motherhood.