RaeLynn’s Dog Goes Missing on New Year’s Eve


RaeLynn is starting the new year off on a sad note. The “Love Triangle” singer has announced on Instagram that her precious little pup, Dolly, has gone missing.

While RaeLynn was in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area, in east Tennessee, her adorable chihuahua was scared by all the fireworks going off and ran right off the bus. RaeLynn is understandably devastated and has been updating us about her dog, who still has not yet been found.

She posted several messages on Instagram with pictures of the adorable pup, asking for help.

“PIGEON FORGE and GATLINGBURG my baby Dolly ran off the bus due to the loud fireworks. If you find her please reach out to me,” she wrote in the original post.

She then followed up with another photo saying, “I haven’t found my angel yet. I’m not loosing faith though. This is a new year and I’m praying that someone will find my Dolly. Please let me know if you see her in the Pigeon Forge/Gattlinburg area. I can’t imagine not finding her. 💔”

And only 12 hours ago RaeLynn wrote, “I’m praying 2018 gets better. She’s still not Home. I’m heartbroken. Praying in Jesus name she is ok and someone will find her and return her to me. Please if you know anyone in the Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg area let them know she is missing.”

If you have any information or are in the area and spot the baby dog, social media is a great way to let RaeLynn know. We hope she finds her little doggy soon.