It’s Coming Off in RaeLynn’s New Music Video for “Bra Off”


As fall turns to winter, spritely RaeLynn is giving fans one final kiss of summer in her new music video for the clever new single, “Bra Off.”

Written with Josh Kerr and Emily Weisband, “Bra Off” is the first single from Rae’s forthcoming EP, her first collection on her new record label, Florida Georgia Line’s Round Here Records. Cheeky, fresh and fun, the song compares breaking up with a suffocating lover to the removal of an undergarment that feels like a strangulation device. Full of pop sensibilities, the energy or the production seems as fitting for the effervescent 25-year-old as the traditional country music she loves.

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It also seems incredibly fitting for the saucy and carefree music video that accompanies it. With a swimming pool full of her actual beautiful besties, RaeLynn, dressed in a modest, but sexy one-piece suit or in long sleeves, beanie and thigh-high neon green boots looks every bit the part of the over-it girlfriend who chooses a day with the girls over a lifetime with “that guy.”

If you’re paying close attention to that video, you might catch some of the singer’s celebrity pals Cassadee Pope and Rae’s pupper, Dolly.

Most women will easily relate to the freedom equated with the subject of “Bra Off,” but if men need a point of reference, think about that feeling you get when  you tear off a necktie or peel off those tighty-whities. You get it, right?