RaeLynn’s Key To Making Marriage Work: “Communication”

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If anyone had any doubt that RaeLynn was head over heels in love, think again. The 22-year-old singer is well aware that she found the right man when she met the love of her life, Josh Davis.

“I cannot imagine being with anybody else,” she told One Country. “When you are with the right person, they add so much to your life. It’s just like they make you better at everything that you do. I’m very thankful.”

RaeLynn met Josh in 2014 when he was a financial planner. The couple married in 2016 during an intimate ceremony in Nashville, that included celebrity friends Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood. No sooner were they married a year than Josh decided to join the military for boot camp training. While Josh has completed his first part of training, he still has more to go.

“He’s still training. He has a year and a half more left of training,” RaeLynn adds. “So, it’s on and off. We can talk, and sometimes we can’t. Right now we can talk.”

Although the couple has only been married two years, in today’s day and age, that’s a lifetime. Especially for a couple in the spotlight. RaeLynn is sharing some words of wisdom from her two year marriage for those beginning their journey on this thing called love.

“It’s just conversation, communication, and always be into each other,” Rae said. “I never want to lose that feeling of being excited. I think it’s super easy to get caught up in the motions of the same old thing. But one thing that I love to do is just continue to date my husband. Do the things that he loves, and just do things for him that I would do when we were dating—when we’re trying to impress them. I think that’s a big thing, keeping the fire burning when it comes to that. But the biggest thing is, and people always say this, and there’s a reason why people always say it, is communication for sure.”

The 22-year-old and her husband will have to keep that line of communication open as they both focus on their different career paths. While Josh still over a year of training left, RaeLynn is in the studio working on her sophomore album. The new album features her current single, “Queen’s Don’t,” as well as some new personal songs.

“There will definitely be more heart on my sleeve songs. I was super vulnerable in my first record, but I’m taking it to the next step,” the Texas native reveals. “I’m really excited for people to hear the stuff that we’re creating.”

So are we.

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