Nothing Gets Between Randy Houser’s Baby Boy and His Bacon [Watch]

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A lot of young parents are cautious about exposing their babies to things like chocolate, sugary drinks and fast food to early in life, but did anyone ever say anything about bacon? If they did, Randy Houser and his son, Huck, didn’t hear it, although his wife, Tatiana, probably did.

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Tatiana is a holistic health practitioner who pays close attention to everything that come in contact with her precious son, especially in regards to his nutrition. Randy, as country music fans know, is a camo-wearing Mississippi country boy, raised on Mama’s home-cooking. It’s obvious that both parents believe in moderation, though, so Tatiana didn’t seem too concerned when Randy gave the Huckster his first taste of pig.

However, it looks like Randy has created a monster.

In a new video on his Instagram page, Huck is in a state of complete and utter dismay. As Mommy pans the camera over to Daddy, we can see that Randy is doing is best to cool down a piece of bacon. When the reward doesn’t come fast enough, Huck cries harder and louder until Randy himself seems to be torn between distress and hysterical laughter. When he finally is able to hand off the tasty treat to his infant son, it’s almost as if he has plugged up his cry hole. And with the tot contentedly gumming his way through the bacon, Randy declares, “That is my boy, right there.”

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The Housers, including pup Hawk (Yes, that’s Huck and Hawk), will be celebrating Baby Boy’s first birthday in June. Maybe he can have a bacon cake.

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A boy and his bacon 🥓

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