Rascal Flatts Will NOT Be Opening Themed Restaurants— “This Project is No Longer Happening” 

Rascal Flatts restaurant closing Cleveland RF Developers
Photo by Davis McClister

If you were planning to dine out at Rascal Flatts restaurant upon it’s opening, you’ll have to change your plans. Rascal Flatts—Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus—have announced that they will no longer be working with RF developers to open the long-awaited Rascal Flatts eateries in Cleveland and other locations.

The trio announced in 2017 that they had teamed with RF Restaurants to license their name for chain of restaurants to open in Cleveland, L.A., and Orlando. However, the band has taken to Instagram to announce that the plans are no longer going forward.

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“You may have noticed our name was associated with a restaurant project. We licensed the use of our name to a restaurant developer a few years back, but never participated in the ownership or development of the restaurants in any way. We are not responsible for any obligations of the developer, RF IP, LLC.”

The statement went on to say, “Because we know you have been looking forward to enjoying our themed restaurants, we wanted to let you know that this project is no longer happening. We ended the agreement and do not have a business relationship with the developer. They are not authorized to use our name in any way. We wanted to be transparent to our fans in case there was any confusion related to our involvement in the restaurants.”

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When the guys were in the early stages of planning, they were excited to reveal the type of establishment that they would be opening.

“It’s like a concert venue,” explained Jay. “You can do live music in there. It’s just an American bar and restaurant. The menu is influenced by the three of us and some of our favorites that our families made over the years.

“We’re excited about it. We’re not running it,” Jay continued. “There’s a group that came to us and pitched us this idea to license our names.”

Signage popped up about Los Angeles claiming that Rascal Flatts Restaurant and Bar was opening in 2017. “Beer & cocktails, down home eats, and good music” were all promised from the new spot.