Rascal Flatts Joins Team Blake As Advisors On “The Voice”

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Blake Shelton has always been a formidable coach on “The Voice.” He is one of the show’s most beloved personalities and has the knowledge, experience, and ability to coach and develop talent. Shelton has just cemented his place as the ultimate country team by getting Rascal Flatts to join his team as advisors.

Team Blake is now the most formidable and appealing team for aspiring country musicians, even though Miley Cyrus is now considered a country musician. Expect this season to be country heavy.

Blake made sure to take some time in the interview to talk trash about his fellow judges.

About Adam:

“This season will be some of what we’ve seen before with Adam and his ego and the fact that he is not just a horrible coach but a horrible human being.”

:About Miley

“We have Miley who is a returning coach. She’s changed–she’s turned the dial…Miley’s country now and I take that as an insult. I take it personally. She’s on my hit list.”

About Jennifer:

“The jury’s out on Jennifer so far. I mean, she’s a sweet person. I really like her a lot. She’s a beautiful girl. But that doesn’t matter to me, [because] she’s also the competition. So, forget her.”

Lookout, y’all, Blake’s the one to beat this year.