Reba and Barbara Jean Reunite To Make Social Distancing Fun


No one said that sheltering at home while teaching your children and keeping up with your own job, that has now become remote, would be easy. Nobody said it would be fun, either. But thanks to Reba and her pal, Melissa Peterman, a/k/a “Barbara Jean,” parents can have a quick giggle and a shoulder full of understanding as the pair resurrect their Reba show characters and give us their take on quarantine.

Coming from their respective closets, wine in hand, Barbara Jean laments that Brock and Henry, her TV husband and son, are making her crazy and mourns that she has had to trade her beloved Beanie Babies for toilet paper.

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Reba, who was less than enchanted by Barbara Jean during the show’s run, now finds her annoying neighbor a source of commiseration. She hides from her own children who are relentless in their pursuit of someone to play games with. Neither seems to be coping blissfully with quarantine, but both acknowledge the importance of safely staying at home.

Who’s ready for a Reba reboot?

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